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7 Best Beginner Snowboards (2022)

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So you’ve just finished watching compilation videos of Shaun White on the half-pipe (yes I have been there) and now you want to get out and try snowboarding for yourself? Well, you’ve made an excellent choice as snowboarding is one of the most fun sports out there!

But first things first, you need a snowboard. Well let me tell you, you’re in the right place as in this article I’ve rounded up the 7 best beginner snowboards to get you out on the slopes right now!

What Do I Look For in the Best Beginner Snowboard?

It can be overwhelming when you’re looking at different snowboards and don’t know what to look for so I have rounded up the 5 most important factors when looking to buy your first snowboard.


When looking to buy a snowboard you will see many different styles for different snowboards. What style your snowboard has will determine the shape and different features the snowboard will have and this can become quite confusing if you’re just starting out so let me put it simply:

What you want to do on the mountain will determine what style of snowboard you want.

If you’re someone who’s looking to be doing flips on the half-pipe and sliding down rails then I’d recommend going with a snowboard that is “freestyle” as these boards are lighter and more flexible making it easier to do tricks.

If you’re someone who’s looking to be a bit more adventurous with their riding and looking to do some exploring in the woods then I’d recommend going for a snowboard that is “freeride” as these will have a bit more of a stiffer flex. Just make sure you watch out for those bears.

For a beginner, I’d recommend going for an “all-mountain” snowboard as you can ride these boards anywhere on the mountain and helps you learn in different areas.


The profile of a snowboard is referring to the shape of the board when looking at it from the side. There are 3 main types of profiles: camber, rocker and flat.

A camber profile is better for doing tricks with as it provides more of a pop in the jumps and makes it more lively. However, this may not be best for beginners as a camber profile makes it much easier to catch an edge and end up face-planting in the snow.

A rocker profile makes turning a lot easier and also makes the board less likely to catch an edge making it a better choice for a beginner. However, they can be a bit harder to control and don’t provide the pop of a camber profile.

A flat profile provides a much more easy and more stable base but, much like the camber, can be more likely to catch an edge. Also as the board has more contact with the ground this can sacrifice some speed so if speed is your thing then maybe this isn’t the board for you.

Hybrids give the best of both worlds which can make them a good choice for beginners as well.


Flex does simply mean how flexible the snowboard is. Boards will have different flexes depending on what they are designed for. A “freestyle” snowboard will have a much softer flex so the board can be maneuvred more easily and a “freeride” snowboard with have a much stiffer flex as this will give you more stability for those adventurous rides.

Many manufacturers will use a flex rating system to rate how flexible a board is:

1-2 is soft

3-5 is medium

6-8 is stiff

9-10 is very stiff

Or they will just use soft, medium and stiff.


The size you should get for your snowboard is dependent on a range of factors such as weight, height and shoe size. To calculate what size snowboard you need then I’d recommend checking out this website that will calculate everything for you.


Snowboards can come in a range of prices from thousands of $$$’s to a few hundred bucks. If you’re a beginner then I’d recommend going for something under $500 as when you’re starting out you won’t benefit from the added features in high-end snowboards.

Best Snowboards For Beginners

1. Burton Ripcord

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Price: $420 | Style: All-Mountain | Profile: Flat | Flex: Soft

If you’re looking to buy your first snowboard at a very reasonable price then the Burton Ripcord is an excellent choice for you.

In the world of snowboarding, Burton has been one of the best brands when it comes to producing high-quality gear, and make no mistake, the Burton Ripcord is high-quality.

This snowboard has a flat profile as well as a soft flex making it stable and predictable which is perfect if you’re a beginner. It also has great maneuverability on the contact points of the board making it easy to turn and build up that confidence on the snow.

And who can say no to that red?

2. Salomon Sight

word image 2443 3

Price: $280 | Style: All-Mountain | Profile: Hybrid Camber | Flex: Soft

The Salomon Sight is a great entry-level snowboard that will keep you and your bank account smiling.

It has a hybrid camber profile which makes it a more lively board but still easy to maneuver. If you’re a more intermediate rider I’d recommend this board as it is great for doing tricks and jumps due to this hybrid camber profile.

This snowboard is the perfect example of low price doesn’t mean low quality. The Salomon Sight won’t disappoint if you push it.

3. Nitro Cheap Thrills

word image 2443 4

Price: $320 | Style: All-Mountain | Profile: Flat | Flex: Medium

The Nitro Cheap Thrills is an easy-to-use snowboard that provides a lot of forgiveness and stability with its flat profile.

With a medium flex, this also provides more stability in the board which is perfect if you’re just starting out and gives you more grip on the snow.

As the name says, you can get many thrills with this snowboard at a very affordable price!

4. Rome Gang Plank

word image 2443 5

Price: $450 | Style: Freestyle/All-Mountain | Profile: Flat | Flex: Medium

The Rome Gang Plank is a fun and playful snowboard that is great for learning new tricks in the park as well as being a good all-round snowboard.

It comes with bamboo hotrods, which are thin rods of bamboo running through the board’s core, that give you more pop making for a fun day on the snow.

The flat profile gives a predictable feel and more stability making it a good choice for a beginner.

5. Yes Basic

word image 2443 6

Price: $430 | Style: Freestyle/All-Mountain | Profile: Hybrid Camber | Flex: Medium

The Yes Basic comes with a hybrid camber profile giving the best of both worlds with the stability of a rocker and the pop of a camber.

This board is also a more forgiving and predictable board making it a great choice for a beginner and a more enjoyable ride.

Plus I think this awesome black and white design is enough to make it onto this list.

6. K2 Standard

word image 2443 7

Price: $280 | Style: All-Mountain | Profile: Flat | Flex: Soft/Medium

K2 has always been a great snowboard brand and that is why I have picked the K2 Standard to feature on this list.

Whether you’re someone who’s just starting out and getting their footing or you’re an intermediate rider looking to challenge their skills on a more predictable and forgiving board then I’d recommend this to you.

It is also one of the cheapest good-quality boards you can get from a top brand.

7. Rome Mechanic

word image 2443 8

Price: $390 | Style: All-Mountain | Profile: Rocker | Flex: Soft

The Rome Mechanic is a comfortable board that’s easy to maneuver and have an enjoyable ride with.

The rocker profile makes it much easier to turn as well as reduces the chances of catching an edge so you can spend more time on your feet and less time with your face in the snow.

The soft flex makes it much more forgiving and is also a good choice for practising your jumps and tricks.

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